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Is there a particular alignment cue or cues that really resonate with you? Do you remember a time when a yoga teacher said something in class that led to a positive shift in your practice, or made sense of something that once seemed confusing?
Of course there are no "one size fits all" asana instructions. What makes perfect sense to one yogi may not resonate with another. Plus, each of our bodies is unique, and alignment cues are rarely, if ever, universally applicable. 

Finding your personal relationship to alignment can enhance your practice overall, and connect you to your body on a deeper level.

In this article, a longtime practitioner and  yoga teacher, Kat Heagberg (Yoga International's editor in chief), shares five simple and straightforward cues that transformed both her practice and her teaching. Maybe her experience on the mat will resonate with you. Maybe you've applied a few of these cues in your practice too. Or maybe you'd add a few more to the list!
Share your experience in the comment section below.
The 5 Alignment Cues That Had the Greatest Impact on My Practice

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